Wild keta Salmon Roe 100g


This Keta Salmon Caviar, alternatively referred to as chum salmon caviar, possesses a stunningly vibrant hue and delightful flavour. Its succulent and gratifying nature makes it a perfect choice for sushi or as a final embellishment for various seafood delicacies. This selection of pasteurized wild king salmon roe is an ideal choice for sushi preparations or as a final garnish for seafood delicacies. Carefully chosen for its exceptional quality and variety, this non-sturgeon fish roe boasts extra-large, firm grains and eggs that exhibit a vibrant orange hue and a delightful, sweet oceanic taste. Not only is it rich in protein and omega fatty acids, but its low oil content imparts a gentle and delicate flavour. Moreover, it leaves a distinctive briny aftertaste that adds to its overall appeal.